• The Ad Pad loses its lines

    No, it's no joke. The Ad Pad has released its first plain pad.

    No black lines. Just 55 whiter than white sheets of quality paper.

    Why? Well, it turns out our pads with a border have caused quite a stir - a tad like Marmite.

    Some people love 'em, and others? Well, they love drawing the lines themselves.

    But these are no ordinary plain pads.

    The Ad Pad has called on designer Dave Towers to produce a limited edition screen print to go slap-bang on the backboard - using the space like never before.


    These screen printed pads are strictly limited to 250, after which we'll be commissioning another great designer to Get On Board with The Ad Pad and share their inspirational handy work at the back of our plain pads.

    Be the first to order The Ad Pad Plain, right here.

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