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    When we came up with The Ad Pad, it was never our intention to create a living, breathing brand.

    In fact, we never really thought it would exist as a product.

    It was purely an idea to save a bit of time at the most important stage of the ideas process.

    And guess what? The idea sat in our bottom draw for well over a year.


    Well, because the three of us were bloody busy.

    The ad industry demands a lot of your time, yet there always seems to be a severe lack of it.

    This makes coming up with bigger, better, smarter and more original ideas more intense and a tad stressful.

    Today, finding time, and finding ways to save, it is a must for creatives.

    It means you can concentrate more on what matters and what you really love about the industry - the ideas and the craft.

    Last month, we were fortunate to completely sell out of pads.

    Which made us think.

    Just exactly how much time has The Ad Pad saved the ad industry?

    After a bit of number crunching, we worked out that The Ad Pad has saved the ad industry a whopping 3,960 minutes of drawing borders.

    That's nearly three days worth!

    Not bad for a black line, eh?


    Get your markers on The Ad Pad over at

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